A unique space

Outdoors and surrounded by nature "


A magical place

La Casa del Estanque
La Casa del Estanque

Surrounded by nature, La Casa del Estanque stands at the heart of Jardín de las Delicias. 

Enjoy a special dinner outdoors, surrounded by trees, fountains and ponds. 

La Casa del Estanque

With a living legacy “

With history

The gardens of La Bella Flor, renamed at the beginning of the 19thcentury as Jardines de las Delicias and declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in 2004, housed an ancient water mill that supplied water to the whole park.

This building was abandoned for years until it was restored to becomeLa Casa del Estanque. What today is our ground floor was a tool room and, in the upper floor, there was a big waterwheel that poured water into a reservoir. This reservoir has today become our wonderful pond. 

At La Casa del Estanque, our purpose is to continue to respect the environment and historic legacy, so we offer a restaurant where water and nature are the key elements. 


Two spaces, two atmospheres

We gather in a unique place the essences of the night in Seville. A charming dinner in our restaurant and some drinks with friends at our terrace.

Our restaurant, totally outdoors, has capacity for 200 diners. 

At the upper terrace, with DJ and the best drinks, you will enjoy an exclusive atmosphere brimming with fun all summer long.

La Casa del Estanque
La Casa del Estanque

With vintage touches, our modern decor is fully and thoroughly detailed, allowing our customers to enjoy the best atmosphereduring the evening, both at the restaurant area and terrace.

Candles, lanterns and the magic of the night in Seville for you to live an unforgettable experience. 

Velas, faroles y la magia de las noches de Sevilla para que puedas vivir una velada inolvidable. 


To make your night unforgettable

La Casa del Estanque

Looking forward to welcoming you

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