Opening of Season 2018

Opening of Season 2018

La casa del estanque

One more year the spring arrives at Seville along with the nice weather, warm temperatures and the most amazing nightlife. The summer terraces opening season begins in Seville and  La Casa del Estanque opens its doors one more year and stronger than ever.

Our restaurant and terrace are one of the reference places to go out in summer and spring in Seville. Its unique atmosphere inside Jardines de Las Delicias, accompanied by the best dishes, wines and desserts, has turned La Casa del Estanque into a perfect place to have dinner and enjoy a drink under the sky of Seville.

This year we will surprise you with many news not to be missed.

Our concept, which combines complementary experiences in a single place, is still one of the elements that best defines and differentiates us.

At La Casa del Estanque, you can have a nice dinner with the best dishes and then have some drinks, dance and enjoy yourself to make your night totally perfect without having to move.

About the menu,  we preserve the “Estanque” signature, with some improvements and innovative dishes. These new proposals, where we combine the most traditional cuisine with an avant-garde touch, will not leave you indifferent. Always guaranteeing attention to details to win the heart of our clients once again.

The opening will be celebrated next Friday 11th of May from 11 p.m., and next Saturday 12th we launch our new menu. So this weekend will be the starting point of this season, throughout which the charming dinners and parties at La Casa del Estanque will stand out for sure.

We are waiting for you!


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